Transylvania Shop and Coffee®

Food for the Whole Family

 Known for our professional service and high-quality products, we aim to be your only stop when it comes to food and drinks from the land of Dracula. Come in if you dare !!!


One Year of Transylvania In Glasgow 

One year since we open our doors to the first Traditional Transylvania shop in Glasgow. One week of surprises, starting from 7th of June until 13th of June 

The best Halloween party of the Year.

One week of Halloween wanders,  plus a street party on the 13th of June.

No upcoming events at the moment

A bit of Transylvania sweets

All the cakes are standard average of 2 kilograms, that will be enough for 8/10 slices. If you desire a bigger cake then the price will change to £28.00 per kilogram 

Cake of our life