Legend of Dracula Feteasca Regala ECO White Wine 2015

Legend of Dracula Feteasca Regala ECO White Wine 2015


  • Variety: 100% Feteascǎ Regalǎ
  • Appelation: DOC-CMD Dealu Mare
  • Vintage: 2015
  • Yield: 6000 kg/ha
  • Oak aging: no
  • Alcohol content (vol%): 13,0

ORIGIN: Fetească Regală (or Royal Maiden in English) is the Royal grape exclusive to Romania. It is a cross between two grape varieties – Fetească Albă and Grasă de Cotnari and again originates from Transylvania. Regală has the aromatic quality of Fetească Albă but is a weightier grape with more body.

The Regală also has a citrusy edge to its character with lots of orange and lemony fruit. Fetească Regală works well with oak and can produce bigger wines with a slightly spicy finish.

WINE MAKING PROCESS: The harvested grapes were destemmed and given a soft pressing. The must was chilled to a temperature of 10° C to favour a natural static settling of impurities. After 48 hours the must went into stainless steel fermenting tanks, where it fermented at temperatures held to a maximum of 18° C and was then held in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature. The preparation of the wine for bottling in small lots helped conserve freshness and fragrance.

TASTING: Pale yellow with green tinges, this wine has a bouquet of fresh fruits, green apple in particular. Well balanced, fresh and semi-aromatic dry wine. It is recommended to be served at 8°C. Ideal with white meat dishes, fresh seafood or as an aperitif.