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 Known for our professional service and high-quality products, we aim to be your only stop when it comes to food and drinks from the land of Dracula. Come in if you dare !!!


Upcoming Events

  • House of Dracula open For Halloween
    Sat, 30 Oct
    Transylvania Shop and Coffee®
    30 Oct, 10:00 – 31 Oct, 21:30
    Transylvania Shop and Coffee®, 462 Victoria Rd, Govanhill, Glasgow G42 8YU, UK
    The best Halloween party in Glasgow made by Transylvania team....
  • Transylvania Christmas Fair
    Fri, 24 Dec
    Transylvania shop and coffee
    24 Dec, 08:00 – 16:00
    Transylvania shop and coffee, 462 Victoria Rd, Govanhill, Glasgow G42 8YU, UK
    A Christmas to remember.

Transylvania Dracula Wine Tasting

Book online your time slot 

Our wine tasting will last for maximum 1.30 Hours for maximum of 6 people. Also you will try our Transylvania meats and cheese.

from 12:00 AM

Friday 16.10.2021

From 12:30 PM

Saturday 17.10.2021

From 12:00 PM

Sunday 22.10.2021

From 01:00 Pm

Saturday 23.10.2021

From 01:00 Pm

Sunday 24.10.2021


Transylvania Halloween collection

Sweet for our Little monsters

All the cakes can be order online, in shop, or by the phone. After the ordering, please wait for the confirmation via email. After you place the order please let us know when you will want to pick up your cakes, in the note section.