Immortal (plum brandy - "Palinka") coffin edition

Immortal (plum brandy - "Palinka") coffin edition

Immortal (plum brandy - "Palinka") is a liquor produced in the realm of Dracula, Transylvania,

according to a traditional recipe, with 100% natural ingredients. The name of the liquor refers directly

to the vampire's immortal nature.


The brief was to come up with a concept for a miniature bottle selling exclusively in duty-free,  a concept that will convey without a shadow of doubt Dracula's attributes. In order to do so, we tried to capture some of the strength and mistery of Dracula in a design that evokes the Count’s ability to… raise from the fallen - the bottle itself “raises” from the stylized coffin if you pull

the red ribbon.


An elegant, engaging  solution that meets all the brief's requirements.