Legendary Dracula Playing Cards

Legendary Dracula Playing Cards

Only 250 produced, the Legendary Dracula deck is designed by Cristian Pestritu. As the name suggests, the deck is inspired by one of the best-known figures of Romanian history, Dracula.


The intriguing deck sports a black/red colorway, giving it a bold yet luxurious look. The tuck effortless blend of luxurious detailing and elegant embossed styling with the word Dracula prominently featured in striking red foil.


Inside, the face cards are semi-custom with the courts drawing inspiration from the fictional character 'Dracula' and features many aspects from the legend. The artwork is illustrated in a 50s film noir style. Loving the vibe of the deck!


To top things off, the edges of the deck have been Gold Gilded. Stunning! The tuck is capped with a Red Embossed Seal Sticker.